My new single "The Darkest Secret" is available to stream now!


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Judy Leia is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter creating cinematic darkpop that blends her ethereal, sultry vocals with a hybrid production of orchestral and electronic elements. Her unique sound can be described as: "Lana Del Rey meets Hans Zimmer in a dystopian film."  

She began learning piano at age 5 and wrote her first song at age 11 to process the gravity of surviving a war. This experience often informs the haunting melodies and somber lyrics in her songs. She enjoys finding inspiration in film scores and her favorite composers include Ramin Djawadi, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Max Richter, and Pasek & Paul.  

Judy Leia is currently in the studio creating more songs for 2022 releases.